The Houses Studying


Hufflepuff: wants to work hard / gets bored easily / has to reward themselves as good motivation / splits up the time in their head / “if I study for an hour, that’s just two half-hours, and I spent fifteen minutes watching a YouTube video, so four of that is really nothing!” / will get it done on time, no matter what

Ravenclaw: loves learning, hates studying / adds colour and pictures onto their notes to make them more interesting / will probably stop at some point to research something totally unrelated / has large periods of procrastination followed by blind panic / they still get stuff done, but they’re never quite satisfied with the result

Slytherin: plans before studying / will not waste time on unneeded material / switches between “school is useless and a social construct“ and “what the heck, I need to get an A on this!” every second / gets angst about studying / insists on having perfect studying conditions, will not work f these are not met

Gryffindor: likes the aesthetic of studying / doesn’t like actually doing it / buys big sets of coloured pens and revision notes / probably uses the same blunt pencil / does practise papers for the pretend competition / has mastered the “oh, the answer’s 4? I would’ve written 4, I’ll give myself the mark.” / most likely to be cramming the night before an exam