please help


hi! i’m a black programmer, and today i’ll officially have been homeless for a year.

the p.lice did an investigation at my school that resulted in them outing me to my family because i was out at school but not at home. i attempted suicide, because i spent so much energy making sure my parents thought i was cis, and i knew they would send me to conversion therapy or disown me. my family cut me off for being trans after i left the hospital. i’ve lived in an LGBT shelter for a year now.

I usually live on my school campus but I have to move back into the shelter for the summer, which is a really, really painful transition. it’s impossible to study for finals because I’m just thinking about living in the shelter again

i stay at an LGBT shelter but there’s a lot that my shelter doesn’t provide for its clients:

  • storage – this is my main issue. I have three suitcases of stuff but I’m only allowed to keep a single suitcase at the shelter. i’ve already thrown away 99.9% of my belongings because i have no storage
  • summer clothing – i only have thick, long sleeved clothing
  • food – they don’t accommodate about my dietary restrictions, but residents aren’t allowed to cook or use knives so idk what would help 
  • good deodorant, toothpaste. theirs is very strange and ineffective, like i still smell bad after using the deodorant and it doesn’t do anything

to help me, you can 

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  • even just trying the self-care/therapy app i made helps me a lot! 
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I know everyone is struggling so if you don’t have any funds to spare doing any of these things really helps me.

thank you! if you can’t do any of these things, please reblog!