Ok so as of this evening (about 5pm May 9th), a new photo appears at the top of the Dema website. It is a different Clancy letter:


However, as you can probably tell, there are a handful of letters missing, and, when the missing letters are written out in order, it spells “you are still sleeping” 

I’m interpreting this as another message that Clancy is trying to get across, similar to “The compass lies” and “east is up”, but as for what it means, I only have speculations. 

1)”You” could refer to tøp themselves, as in “tøp is still sleeping.” However, I find this unlikely as if that were what they were trying to say, they most likely would have said “we” instead. The use of “You” leads me to

2) Clancy is trying to warn the reader that things are not what they seem. The content of the letter itself is reflective and mildly speculative, but the message seems to be more critical. I suspect that he may be trying to warn the reader that they aren’t fully conscious and are still being controlled by Dema.

3) Finally, and I once again owe this to @top_today on twitter, but “you are still sleeping” may be a reference to the line in oh, ms. believer “My pretty sleeper.” The reason that this is important is that they point out that back when tøp went on hiatus the second eye they posted was also “my pretty sleeper.” But what was the first? The line from Polarize “you’ll have to come and find me” and @top_today points out that we had to find the Dema site through the gif. 

Long story short, I think each new thing they post will follow the order of the eye, meaning that I suspect that the next thing they post will relate to the line “wouldn’t it be great if we could just lay down?,” or Forest in general. This theory also means that there will be at least 4 more updates corresponding to the eyes (5 if you count “and now I just sit in silence”, but I think that using that one to reveal the album would be more dramatic. 

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