This isn't really an ask but I just want …

This isn't really an ask but I just want to say how much I appreciate your openness when it comes to fans asking about your sexuality and how you stick to your convictions (idk if I'm using that right, sorry) but are still not limiting yourself from experiences if you ever felt like it.

Well, I’m pretty open about most stuff like that. Privacy is one thing and I totally get that, that’s very individual, but I don’t think it’s something to be embarrassed about. The reason I say nothing is “set in stone” is because one of my best friends from highschool considered herself to be straight until her mid 20′s, now she’s almost 30, engaged to, and have a daughter with a female partner. My parents were married for 12 years, and now my dad’s in a relationship and living together with a man.

So, while sexuality definitely isn’t a choice you make as an individual, I definitely think it’s something that can change over the course of your life, outside of your control. Maybe because it’s something you already “had within you” but never explored, or even knew about until you experienced it, or maybe because we, as humans, just grow and evolve and everyone changes all the time without making active choices. I don’t see why sexuality should be something “locked in and permanent forever”, everyone’s free to figure things out in their own way, you don’t even have to be sure about your own sexuality, but why does it matter? You like what you like, it’s not rocket science 😛