HEY it’s almost midnight why am I still …

HEY it’s almost midnight why am I still awake. Why are you awake. I see that notification that says you’re active. Go to bed. BUT REALLY I just thought I’d pop by and tell you that you’re wonderful?? And I really really appreciate you?? Incredible. 10/10 would recommend being friends with Pax Howes. Also I only have three more episodes of DBH be prepared for more of me yelling at you. ANYWAY YOURE GREAT GO 2 BED!! 😎

Avi oh my GOD ur gunna literally make me cry GET out of my FACE! guvkjjhcjkhbn I really am not thinking straight (ha lmao gae) but you really are the best and this meant a lot to me thank you so much💗💗💗
also literally spam the heck out of me with dbh I love that crap !!!!!!!!