Keep an eye out for this pride flag! If you encounter someone with this pride flag as their icon, do yourself a favor and block/report them. This is the MAP pride flag. For those who don’t know, MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person, more commonly known as a pedophile. The MAP community is filled with adults who openly admit to having sexual feelings towards children, and post about how they fantasize about underaged children. It’s sick and disgusting, and these depraved individuals try and use tumblr as a platform to normalize their perversions. They appropriate the experiences of the LGBT community by feigning systematic oppression, and comparing the rightful societal condemnation of pedophiles to the violent persecution of the LGBT community, which isn’t even remotely comparable. It’s honestly reprehensible that they’d take advantage of pride by making a flag like this. It’s incredibly dangerous because unifying symbols such as this create a platform for pedophiles to prey on children, and spread pedophilia-enabling rhetoric. Please spread this around if you can, and if you are a minor, don’t bother interacting with these scumbags. It’s not worth putting yourself in danger to call these people out or try to get them to see the error of their ways. Stay safe everyone!

Stay safe everyone! Don’t tell them your age if you’re underage and make sure to block and or report them. Pedophiles who are REGISTERED should not be on social media and you can call the Cyber tip lines or send information in on these accounts because they are up to no good using the term “minor attracted person” just to hide the ugly word of pedophile and hanging out where kids are. Be careful, he safe, and don’t let these people groom you into trusting them or sending illicit images… Block and Report to stay safe if you’re underage!