Trans men: valid and handsome as heck!

Cis men: ur awsome!!! It’s okay to be emotional!!!

Nb people: you’re amazing! And you look absolutely adorable!!!

Genderfluid people: goodness, I’ve never seen a more lovely person!!

Trans girls: look at you honey, you’re absolutely gorgeous and you’re so valid

Cis girls: wow??? You’re so pretty!!! I hope you’re happy!

Lesbians: you’re amazing, I hope you find i lovely girlfriend/ I hope you have a lovely girlfriend!

Gay men: lovely men??? In my household??? You know it!

Pan people: you’re valid. You aren’t a bad person. Your identity is real and amazing.

Bi people: you’re absolutely perfect, you don’t need to choose a side. Keep doing you boo.

Het people: you aren’t a bad person for just being het, you don’t deserve to die just because you’re het.

Poly people: you aren’t a slut/whore/thot you’re a good person. I hope you and your partner(s) are all happy together

Ace/ aspec people: you have a valid identity. You’re not some weirdo, I love you and you’re amazing.

Remember: you’re all amazing. You don’t deserve anything bad to happen to you. Be nice to eachother, please.

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