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We all are living in a dream, it's just you and me

damn this is kinda sad

I'm So Sorry, I know it's My Fault that we got Stuck in the ditch, and the car is a Lost Cause, but hey, at least we found The River, right?


Take my hand and we can go Walking the Wire, we'll Tiptoe as long as we can until The Fall

rip us

I've seen Emma, I've met Selene, and yet the only one who makes Friction in my soul is you

wow…..sounds gay

I didn't want to say it, but since I'm a Bad Liar, I have to admit that you've been Stuck in my head all day

Time Goes By And Still Im Stuck On Youuu

During the night you'll Dream of our trip to Amsterdam and the Pantomime we experienced there, waking up with a smile on your face and a wish for the dream to Start Over


Even after the rain has Fallen, you'll stay Next to Me and we'll be Dancing in the Dark


Yes! We can sit on the Rocks and tell stories from the Summer until we hear Thunder in the distance

big fan of this…we will do it in the fall….im ready for the leaves babey

We'll wait until it's Cool Out, and then we'll watch the Birds go flying down The River

damn are we gonna go sit by the mouth of the river