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I wasn’t gunna post about @tripfourconcerts while she’s on her trip because I didn’t want to seem super clingy but also,,,,, I miss her memes uwu

I’m literally turning into an obnoxious gay boy and not one can stop me

i was terrorizing a duck today and accidentally made a masterpiece

I got a chameleon henna tattoo thing today on my arm and it’s right over my Sins™️ (which aren’t like super obvious) and it was nice 💖


TWENTY ØNE PILØTS | Ode To Sleep | Vessel

we really are out here on this Tuesday night listening to Guns for Hands and trying not to do anything stupid




Emails from tøp,,,, the eye basically opening again,,,, I’m dying??????? Yes



lmao a week from now I’m gunna be looking at my blog going WHY DID I REBLOG SO MUCH DBH CRAP LAST WEEK