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A lot of Imagine Dragons songs – YouTube

A lot of Imagine Dragons songs – YouTube:

yall ever think about a lot of imagine dragons songs?? well i do so i spent uhh several hours today rearranging some songs, adding some songs, and most importantly creating this – which is a list of the dates of release, performance, or upload of every song on the playlist

so yeah if youve ever wanted to see an incredibly comprehensive timeline of imagine dragons music,, You Can


yall wouldnt happen to know the date that the dragons’ 2010 performance on vegas in tune aired……would you


ben mckee has soft hands but an even softer heart


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Well my boys reached #1 on itunes P.s ignore …

Well my boys reached #1 on itunes

P.s ignore what i was listening too i was in the car with my sister…..

What do you guys think of Bens new do?

What do you guys think of Bens new do?


Songs to listen to when…

Imagine Dragons edition:

When you’re feeling happy:

  • Cha-ching (TWGO)
  • On Top Of The World
  • PantomimeRound And Round
  • Underdog
  • Summer
  • The Fall
  • Thunder
  • Tokyo
  • Working Man
  • Look How Far We’ve Come
  • I Bet My Life
  • Mouth Of The River
  • It Comes Back To You

When you’re feeling powerful:

  • Who We Are
  • Warriors
  • I’m So Sorry
  • Sucker For Pain
  • Roots
  • Ready Aim Fire
  • Radioactive
  • Natural
  • Believer
  • Whatever it takes
  • Rise Up
  • Friction
  • Fallen
  • Warriors
  • Tiptoe
  • Thief
  • The River
  • Hopeless Opus

When you’re feeling alone:

  • Lost Cause
  • Monster
  • Nothing Left To Say
  • Battle Cry
  • Bleeding Out
  • Demons
  • Dream
  • I Was Me
  • Leave Me
  • Trouble
  • Amsterdam
  • Hear Me
  • Smoke + Mirrors
  • Second Chances
  • Release
  • America

When you feel like you’re in love:

  • Next To me
  • I Don’t Mind
  • Walking The Wire
  • I’ll Make It Up To You
  • Start Over
  • Dancing In The Dark
  • Every Night
  • My Fault
  • Selene


this is so sad alexa play pistol whip

I love puns

I love puns




Judge~ TØP

Divided States Of America~ The Script

Zombie~ Bad Wolves (cover)

White Flag~ Bishop Briggs

Way Down We Go~ Kaleo

Uprising~ Muse

Angel With A Shot Gun~ The Cab

Castle~ Halsey

Nowhere Fast~ Eminem ft. Kehlani

Alone Together~ FOB

No Man Is An Island~ The Script

It’s Time~ Imagine Dragons

America~ Imagine Dragons

The River~ Imagine Dragons

Way Beyond~ Bastille

Shame~ Bastille

Amsterdam~ Imagine Dragons

Cha-Ching (TWGO)~ Imagine Dragons

Bad Blood~ Bastille

Bad Man~ Esterly ft. Austin Jenckes

At Gunpoint~ Walking On Cars

Campaign Speech~ Eminem

Tiptoe~ Imagine Dragons

Young Volcanoes~ FOB

Like Home~ Eminem

Fairly Local~ TØP