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12 hometown fans < thousands of people in a sold out arena.

lyrics written by a broken boy while he was alone < madison square garden singing back those same songs.

“i didn’t have a lot of friends for years” < Josh + Jenna + so many other people to tour with.

crying and hoping no one will hear you < crying openly on stage and knowing its okay

little van filled with band equipment < tour bus with their logo on the side

lost < found






does anyone else just suddenly realize how much tyler has changed?

idk, it might be kind of weird, but he isn’t the quiet, goofy No Phun Intended kid, or the scruffy, sleepy, old clothes, “nothing is going right, but i love music so i will continue on” Regional at Best kid, or the star of vines, constantly cracking jokes, beginning to smile more, outgoing and bright, “i have something to say and people are actually starting to listen,” energetic Vessel kid. 

He’s changing, or has changed. He’s quieter now: more reserved.

And it might be weird to say, but he doesn’t seem as much of the front of the band anymore. He doesn’t possess the same energy in interviews or around people. Maybe it’s a good change. After all, I have no say or knowledge in what’s going on in his life right now. But either way, I have noticed a change. I just wanted to point that out.

You’re not alone.

&quot;Judah &amp; The Lion is currently steali…

"Judah & The Lion is currently stealing my heart" SAME OMGGG

gmgjgjfhf my! bois!!!!



it’s been almost a year since the Sleepers series came out. that’s just insane




I wrote a song about my cat on my uke

*whispering* post ittt

thanks for reblogging a bunch of my stuff!!!! …

thanks for reblogging a bunch of my stuff!!!! it makes me so happy 😀

ahhhhh you’re absolutely welcome!
I just like to go through it sometimes and see what’s shaking!
I’m glad you’re doing ok 💙



Once you care for someone, you can never truly stop.

That is why I think I’ll always care for Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun. That’s why I believe their music will always make my heart skip a beat when I hear it, no matter how long its been. That’s why I can still rap the fastest parts of a song even if I haven’t heard it for months. I’ve tried to make choices before- “I don’t need to love Twenty One Pilots. I can leave now, and not look back.” But then I think about what it will be like to see their names in a news article, or to watch them get up to perform after some new favorite band. And I know all of a sudden, I will care so much again that it will send tears rolling down my cheeks. As much as I am distracted, I still absentmindedly check update accounts and their social media. I still think for hours at a time about the things that have happened- awards, new shows, announcements, ESA puppies.

“I care about the music, not the people,” I say. It should be that way, but it isn’t. I took the time a year ago to know Tyler to the extent that I could with what he’s shared with the world. I took the time to see myself in Josh Dun, and say that the drum set is a metaphor for my writing, and anxiety cannot take that away from me. I saw how much this band means to them, and I made it mean something to me as well. I stayed up late, thinking about the shows. I read the interviews, heard the videos in which they talked about how dangerous fame is. How stripping it is. How alone it makes you feel. And you can’t leave someone you care for to that.

Maybe if they had been happy with it. Maybe if they had embraced it, I could have done the opposite and let go. But they are still the blue and pink boys that set out so long ago. The blue and pink boys I fell in love with as I watched their home videos they’ve uploaded, and interviews where Tyler laughed so hard he was crying. They are still “Josh who fit a whole cotton candy in his mouth” and “Tyler that once got a security guard to sing”. I found the old tweets they’d posted that made me laugh so hard tears were in my eyes. There are videos of Tyler at his church, Josh when he played for House of Heroes. Things that extended beyond Twenty One Pilots. I made the mistake of knowing the small parts of their personalities that they put on display. I made the mistake of trying to do everything I could to make sure they were happy, safe, loved by Jenna and their families, even though I had no impact.

They don’t know me, and honestly, I don’t know them. We are just three strangers who let music run through our veins at the same time. We are just three faceless people who reached out a little bit. Who found the smallest fraction of family in all the art we’ve created around ourselves. They are somewhere out there, dealing with their own minds on their own time. And I’m in here, dealing with my own mind at a different time. We don’t really know each other.

But once you care for someone, you can never truly stop.



aesthetics that represent my favorite bands & how i see them.

Colony House; ice cold sodas. running to the swimming pool. sunrises on the first day of summer. playing imaginary concerts in your room. garage band. fighting with your siblings, but loving them in the end. slowly recovering from a tragedy. learning to laugh again. inside jokes. asking yourself huge questions. do you belong? what will you be remembered for? missing your family. working something out after an argument. sibling rivalries. crying in front of friends, so hard that you can’t see. hiking to the top of a mountain. hugging someone tightly. trying not to fall apart. believing in life again.

Imagine Dragons; stars. reaching into the night air, believing you can touch the moon. playing old-fashioned games with too much visual clutter. long cut scenes. modern art surrounded by ancient architecture. graffiti on government buildings. drawing on your skin. painting the walls of your room. writing poetry that rhymes on every stanza. dry summer air. leaving the window open while you sleep. the deep sadness in your chest. not feeling entirely real. staying up late even though you have school in the morning. loving people. memories of being younger. 

Judah & The Lion; pine trees. lakes. jumping into a pool with your clothes on. going to summer camp with your friends. youth group. singing along to worship songs as loud as you can. scraping your knees. huddling around a campfire and sharing stories you otherwise wouldn’t. dancing around at dark. staring at the stars. grinning to wide that your cheeks hurt. feeling equally parts lost and found. feeling at home even though this is your first time here. singing a duet. special keepsakes. playing truth or dare, and jumping into cold water on a dare. running in flip flops. climbing trees. eating too much sugar.

Sleeping At Last; crying for a long time, and then falling asleep. holding someone’s hand really tight. not knowing what to say. feeling an emotion you can’t name. wishing you could turn what you feel into art, but you don’t know what it is you’re feeling. feeling content being alone. short films and quiet afternoons. the night sky. that moment of peace you feel when you wake up at 1am and don’t have a single responsibility. being at rest with the concept of death. telling your family you love them. writing poetry no one will read. art. salt and sugar. coming to the end of a good book. leaving camp and saying goodbye to your friends. smiling through tears. being sad, but not too sad. gentleness.



Lay down your weapons, the battle has ended,
The war has finally been won.
Raise up your eyes, watch the clouds vanish,
At last we can see the sun.
The causalities of this war,
Are named “Insecurity, Anxiety, and Sadness.”
Stop the fighting, stop the fighting, no more of this madness.
Listen very closely, for the ending notes of the songs,
Goodbye to the weapons, goodbye to the blurriness that did us wrong.
Lay down your weapons, the battle has ended.
It’s over, it’s over, we’ve fought so very long.

Lay down your weapons, lay down your weapons,
The battle is over, Blurryface is gone.

vessel songs as moments of loneliness




Ode To Sleep – sitting in the backseat of a car silently while your friends are laughing and talking in the front. The road lights flash into the car, and faint music is coming from the radio. You begin to wonder if anyone has really helped you in your life, or if it was all your strength.

Holding Onto You
– Sitting on the roof of your car at night, wishing there was someone lying next to you to point out the stars. You begin to realize how small you really are.

Migraine – At the water park with your friends, but not being able to get into it because something is off in your brain. You just can’t seem to have fun.

House Of Gold – sitting in the corner at a family reunion, knowing you love everyone around you, but feeling lost in all the bustle. 

Car Radio – sitting cross-legged on your bed, staring at your phone and waiting for someone to text you so you don’t appear annoying to them. Wishing someone would invite you out.

Semi-Automatic – laying under the covers, tears streaming down your face because you just got in a huge fight with your family. It’s a nice day outside, and you want to be anywhere but this house.

Screen – being in a room full of people you desperately want to fit in with, but knowing they all see right past you. 

 The Run and Go – sitting in the bathroom with your back against the wall, tears streaming down your face, desperately hoping no one knocks on the door.

Fake You Out – sitting with your head in your hands in the bathroom at your friend’s skating birthday party. Obnoxious party music is playing outside, but sounds muffled through the walls.

Guns For Hands – watching the sun rising through the window, and feeling like you can’t face the day ahead. Wishing someone would ask you if you’re alright.

Trees – a moment of panic when you realize you think so differently from everyone else. wishing someone could understand.

Truce – the words of someone finally reaching out. A moment of not being alone.

I can’t explain it, but this post is incredibly important.

i’m not as big of a fan of top now, but i was at a point a few years ago where i felt all of this. please hold on, things do get better.