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EYYYYY, so i have had this idea for a while now, and i thought i’d finally do it and get you guys in on this. Basically i’ve started a snapchat account for the Imagine Dragons tour, why? So all of the firebreather fandom could have a chance of watching how awesome the shows are, because i know how hectic it is to get or afford the tickets, orrrrrrr they won’t come to your country/state (feel my pain). I’ll be running the account from time to time, but i’ve created a public story in which everyone will be free to post whatever content they have from the show itself, i hope you guys will LOVEEE the idea as much as i do. All you have to do is just film some AWESOME pieces of the show (BONUS if you are up close) and post them to the story WHEREVER YOU ARE! But be sure to enjoy the show yourself as well, that’s why i emphasize on the fact to just FILM SHORT PIECES, because i’m pretty sure if we all work together we could have a bomb ass snapchat story. As you add up i’ll be adding y’all to the story so you guys can post😉

May our Flamily work together😊

I love you all~Reena

Accounts i’m including in this post:

@firebreathonary @imaginedragonsdaily @imaginedragons-photos @imagine-dragons-official-fans @myemotionalride @imagine-dragons-music


As you reblog please include more Imagine Dragons fan accounts


If you guys have any questions be sure to leave some in my inbox, and if you want to be included to help out with the account Dm me.

[image description: a screenshot of the snapchat, titled “evolve world tour” in all caps.]

firebreathonary: Firebreatheronary (Italian T…


Firebreatheronary (Italian Translation)

THE dictionary from Firebreathers for Firebreathers (and Dragons) – SPREAD THE WORDS!

Happy Firebreather Friday everyone! Here’s the latest version of the Firebreatheronary for you. I would blame this week’s new entry entirely on Daniel Platzman hadn’t you guys voted it in with 19-0 yes votes.

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[image description: 

there are two images. the first is plain text on a white background. it reads:

“Project Firebreatheronary

The idea is to bring all the special words, expressions and names we Firebreathers use together in one place. There are many ways to do submit new entries:

– fill in the Google form

– send an email to

– tweet @Firebreathonary

– submit to tumblr @Firebreathonary

– tag anything related with #Firebreatheronary or #FirebreathersDictionary and I’ll find it

As a little thank you I’ll tag you in the next updating post. Updates are every Firebreather Friday and there’s NO DEADLINE so you can always send in new entries.” end description of first image.

the second image is a chart with the Firebreatheronary words and their definitions. the new entry is highlighted in green. the word is “Performance-ku”, and is defined as “Sub-category to flyku used when posting about performances.” end description.]

[a picture of dan reynolds onstage in brazil. …

[a picture of dan reynolds onstage in brazil. he is shirtless and holding the pride flag above his head. the lighting behind him is blue and smoky. end description]

[the words “Before evolution, comes evolution….

[the words “Before evolution, comes evolution.” set against a starry evening sky with dark trees below]

imagine dragons tweeting “2/21 the evolution begins” when they released evolve last june

heres a picture of dan reynolds onstage with l…

heres a picture of dan reynolds onstage with light coming out of his ear (credit)

[the imagine dragons logo in the colours of th…

[the imagine dragons logo in the colours of the rainbow pride flag, set over a black background]

imaginedragonsdaily: Imagine Dragons won 2 iHe…


Imagine Dragons won 2 iHeart Radio Music Awards!

They took the awards for:

– Alternative Rock Artist of the Year

– Alternative Rock Album of the Year (Evolve)



forget tyler william this is what im legally changing my name to

[a picture of andrew tolman from the video for uptight with words next to him that say, “andrew daring drums”.]

[a tweet by dan reynolds that reads: “embrace …

[a tweet by dan reynolds that reads: “embrace your differences. shine a light on them for the world to see. don’t hide.”]


tfw the days are cold and the cards all fold

[image description: a stock photo of a card dealer photoshopped onto a stock photo of some trees covered in snow. end description]