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Can I just say something my dudes?

The fucking difference.


Hey gang!

I just wanted to say that I saw a lot of the really nice things people were saying and doing while I was gone. I wasn’t here all the time but I would stop in and check and people were being so supportive to each other and keeping things positive and I love that.

The daily appreciation posts were super sweet and reminded me of many different aspects of why I started all of this in the first place and how diverse this community is. 

The “sleepovers” where everyone would watch my old videos together was so heartwarming to see. It really showed me again how tight knit everyone here is and how much this community means to people. It would be so easy for a community to degrade quickly at this size but even when I wasn’t leading by example, you all were. That really means a lot 🙂

Also all the PMA wrists in the tag today are so awesome! It still astonishes me that PMA has taken off like it has. That you’ve all made it part of your daily routines as much as I have is so cool. It also reaffirms it for me too! I didn’t expect it to be such a huge movement in the YT sphere and it’s taking over by storm, that’s amazing! I do still have plans for PMA clothing and other types of merch items so thank you for being patient with that. It’s been a big part of my stress lately but it’ll all be worth it in the end and we can show the whole world what PMA is 😀

So just thanks for being there, being understanding and being there for each other. I couldn’t ask for better people watching my content and it makes me happy to be part of all of this! Thanks guys!


it’s called solidarity. look it up


Edgy boys



imagine the sweetest guy in the world but he shouts every word he says


my two special dorks^^ I love them so much!




Sooo… if Chase is playing House Flipper…

Does that mean he says “Honey, I’m trash!” all the time because he misses coming home to his family, so he does it as a joke to try and make himself feel better but in reality he’s making fun of himself because he knows he no longer lives with his family and never will and still beats himself for it so he sees himself as a shitty human being? And so he jokes to numb the pain of living alone during the week?

Poor chase

that freaking SMIRK Connor ur gay don’t you deny it

Connor being his natural adorable self