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Trans men: valid and handsome as heck!

Cis men: ur awsome!!! It’s okay to be emotional!!!

Nb people: you’re amazing! And you look absolutely adorable!!!

Genderfluid people: goodness, I’ve never seen a more lovely person!!

Trans girls: look at you honey, you’re absolutely gorgeous and you’re so valid

Cis girls: wow??? You’re so pretty!!! I hope you’re happy!

Lesbians: you’re amazing, I hope you find i lovely girlfriend/ I hope you have a lovely girlfriend!

Gay men: lovely men??? In my household??? You know it!

Pan people: you’re valid. You aren’t a bad person. Your identity is real and amazing.

Bi people: you’re absolutely perfect, you don’t need to choose a side. Keep doing you boo.

Het people: you aren’t a bad person for just being het, you don’t deserve to die just because you’re het.

Poly people: you aren’t a slut/whore/thot you’re a good person. I hope you and your partner(s) are all happy together

Ace/ aspec people: you have a valid identity. You’re not some weirdo, I love you and you’re amazing.

Remember: you’re all amazing. You don’t deserve anything bad to happen to you. Be nice to eachother, please.

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zooophagous: Cordial graciously posed for some…


Cordial graciously posed for some pride themed photos for me today.




Me, adoringly looking at the a-spec community: fucking superb you funky little valid people that I love and support with my whole heart


being aro and/or ace is WACK.

keep it up you fresh funky peeps



Some cool stuff about Pride because it’s almost been a week and I miss it.

• We had to walk a while to get to the park it was being held at and as we walked more and more gays started appearing.

• It was raining but @thatoverdramatictopfan had a hug rainbow umbrella

• My umbrella coincidentally was Ace colors??

• There were drag queens wearing stilts and leotards in the color of the rainbow. They were EVERYWHERE.

• We made it to the park just as the parade was starting and the lady who was singing on the main float asked us to help carry the giant (GIANT) rainbow flag trailing behind it. (We didn’t tho cause we didn’t want to put down our umbrellas)


• So many senior citizens?? Are gay?? They were adorable.

• There were protesters but these people were dressed as angels so their wings completely covered them.

• There was also a band drowning out the protesters.

• My mom didn’t see me in the parade.

• A little boy complimented Pax’s rainbow flag/cape.

• People would start cheering for no reason it was great.

• There were several church booths that were there to support the LGBTQ+

• Pax bought me an asexual flag! God bless.

• SPEAKING OF ASEXUALS I MET MY FIRST EVER REAL LIFE ONE AND SHE GAVE ME A HUG!! Also other Ace people kept smiling at me when they saw my flag. We’re Connected™️

• So many pansexual people! The host’s daughter was pan and when she was on stage singing a song some random people went and bought her a pan flag it was so sweet.

• My brother was there and he wore ace colors in support because he’s the best.

• Free photo booth

• Free pronoun/sexuality pins!

• A group of lesbians complimented my funky dance walk.

Intersex Identification Survey

Intersex Identification Survey:



Hi everyone! It’s survey time again. This time, the claim up for question is a claim I’ve seen perpetuated by many perisex people: intersex people supposedly do not want to be included in the LGBTQ+ community.

The survey is short, I estimate it will take you 5 minutes or less if you would like to participate. Please only participate in the survey if you are intersex.

If you cannot/don’t want to participate, a reblog to spread the word would be appreciated! 💛💜

I look forward to seeing if the results of this survey match the results I have seen in my own work. Please feel free to @ this blog when your results come in!

As for this survey, in 2017, 81.3% of intersex respondents supported intersex inclusion. 

In 2018, 82.7% of intersex respondents so far support intersex inclusion.

Today's gender is excited for going to th…

Today's gender is excited for going to their first pride!!!