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@thatoverdramatictopfan is to good of a person

shkdhdkhdjdjdkd listen tøp concerts wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t know you were there experiencing them with me 💛💛💛💛

@tripfourconcerts is valid and I love her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

sorry I don’t make the rules !


@thatoverdramatictopfan Leroy……

Some good things: • Pooger! 🐱 • The boys releasing new music 🎵 • THE BOYS GOING ON TOUR AND US MAYBE GOING TO THREE SHOWS IN A ROW!! • People respecting your sexuality/gender ♥️ • we’re seeing cavie in August • I’m getting my license tomorrow and as soon as it’s legal to drive people outside of my fam we’re going on a road trip. • The sky 🌌 • Troye Sivan releasing new music 🎶 • That one time Jack acknowledged you!!! • uh lesbians? • I’ll let you be Wormathan’s godparent 🙂

this is literally the sweetest ask ever and I’m sorry it took my 15 years to answer
ur so great what the actual heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry if I’ve been really distant or anything I’m stressed and Don’t Know How To Deal With My Emotions ,,, ya know how it is
but honestly people like you make everything a billion times better so thank you so so much for being so kool and supportive you’re the best 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛


I did a thing + @thatoverdramatictopfan bring their perfect self

this is literally the purest post ever created

Good morning-ish I hope your day turns out wonderful and exciting! I think you’re amazing and if you need to like, yell at someone for good or bad reasons I’m here for you!!! 🌻

oh my literal god you???????
you’re an angel 💗
anyways I love you loads and I prolly will yell at you soon so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HEY it’s almost midnight why am I still awake. Why are you awake. I see that notification that says you’re active. Go to bed. BUT REALLY I just thought I’d pop by and tell you that you’re wonderful?? And I really really appreciate you?? Incredible. 10/10 would recommend being friends with Pax Howes. Also I only have three more episodes of DBH be prepared for more of me yelling at you. ANYWAY YOURE GREAT GO 2 BED!! 😎

Avi oh my GOD ur gunna literally make me cry GET out of my FACE! guvkjjhcjkhbn I really am not thinking straight (ha lmao gae) but you really are the best and this meant a lot to me thank you so much💗💗💗
also literally spam the heck out of me with dbh I love that crap !!!!!!!!

hdjdjdkjdkd ur comments about dbh have me living

Oh good because there’s more to come such as I’m pretty sure Markus is Android Jesus and also all of his storylines are stressing me out.

Finally watched Love, Simon with @tripfourconcerts and we cried the entire time

dude,,,,, ur theme???? 21/10 would follow this blog

bjhcxkgsjfsjfsjfskf I LOVE YOU!
P.S. the best part of my day was running into you!!