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Wayne “Icarus” Sermon


[weɪn ikaɹʊ̆s ˈsɜrmən]

Category: Nicknames / “Special” Names

Translation: Daniel Wayne Sermon
[ˈdænjəl weɪn ˈsɜrmən]

Added: 27/04/2016 by Daniel Platzman
[ T | I ] and Wayne Sermon [ T | I ] [ x ]

Full Firebreatheronary


imagine dragons are really out there…..releasing songs whenever they feel like it



yall know what this blog needs??? an about page

yall know what this blog has??? an about page


yall know what this blog needs??? an about page




Category: words

Translation: jean shorts [ʤin ʃɔrts]

Example for usage: Jorts are the only acceptable attire for weather this hot. [ x ]

12/06/2017 by Brandon [ T | I ] & Daniel Platzman [ T | I ]


this is so sad alexa play pistol whip

Imagine Dragons is ace culture. So many songs …

Imagine Dragons is ace culture. So many songs and none of them are about sex, and like four of them are about love.

that checks out




EYYYYY, so i have had this idea for a while now, and i thought i’d finally do it and get you guys in on this. Basically i’ve started a snapchat account for the Imagine Dragons tour, why? So all of the firebreather fandom could have a chance of watching how awesome the shows are, because i know how hectic it is to get or afford the tickets, orrrrrrr they won’t come to your country/state (feel my pain). I’ll be running the account from time to time, but i’ve created a public story in which everyone will be free to post whatever content they have from the show itself, i hope you guys will LOVEEE the idea as much as i do. All you have to do is just film some AWESOME pieces of the show (BONUS if you are up close) and post them to the story WHEREVER YOU ARE! But be sure to enjoy the show yourself as well, that’s why i emphasize on the fact to just FILM SHORT PIECES, because i’m pretty sure if we all work together we could have a bomb ass snapchat story. As you add up i’ll be adding y’all to the story so you guys can post😉

May our Flamily work together😊

I love you all~Reena

Accounts i’m including in this post:

@firebreathonary @imaginedragonsdaily @imaginedragons-photos @imagine-dragons-official-fans @myemotionalride @imagine-dragons-music


As you reblog please include more Imagine Dragons fan accounts


If you guys have any questions be sure to leave some in my inbox, and if you want to be included to help out with the account Dm me.

[image description: a screenshot of the snapchat, titled “evolve world tour” in all caps.]


Check Out This Funky Icon For Pride Month (it didn’t photoshop well but just ignore that)


hey lads, with the news that happened today heres a reminder to

leave dan and aja the fuck alone