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do yall ever think about the time that imagine dragons covered toxic by britney spears


hey guys have i mentioned how much i love hell and silence by imagine dragons

ben mckee has soft hands but an even softer heart

dan reynolds is so jacked cause his muscles are full of love

dan reynolds is the cis straight ally we deserve



wow theres tea on twitter

People were being stupid and he snapped a little and ranted lmao

thats not quite what i was talking about but dan is so valid



wow theres tea on twitter


ok so dan reynolds, who is in fact an icon, tweeted “gaynight” last night and also some other iconic things about supporting lgbt+ people like the legend he is, except now a few people are convinced that he’s coming out???? cause “why would he care so much” if he wasn’t gay???? and one person tweeted something that was like “i hope we get lots of pictures of you kissing men” hhhhh so yeah part of twitters a bit wild right now

wow theres tea on twitter


[weɪn ikaɹʊ̆s ˈsɜrmən]

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Translation: Daniel Wayne Sermon
[ˈdænjəl weɪn ˈsɜrmən]

Added: 27/04/2016 by Daniel Platzman
[ T | I ] and Wayne Sermon [ T | I ] [ x ]

Full Firebreatheronary

imagine dragons are really out there…..releasing songs whenever they feel like it