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imagine dragons are really out there…..releasing songs whenever they feel like it



yall know what this blog needs??? an about page

yall know what this blog has??? an about page


yall know what this blog needs??? an about page


this is so sad alexa play pistol whip


Check Out This Funky Icon For Pride Month (it didn’t photoshop well but just ignore that)


hey lads, with the news that happened today heres a reminder to

leave dan and aja the fuck alone


would anyone like to hear a bad imagine dragons joke


happy 33rd birthday to ben mckee, the man whose face continues to inspire me daily


wow….i havent changed my icon in forever…..amazing

a fun nifty tag thing!!

itagged by @dragonblumae tysm!

Rules: Answer 20 questions, then tag 20 people you want to get to know better.

Name: tyler or nova

Nickname(s): my brother calls me “ler” sometimes??? as in short for tyler???

Height: 5′4 or something

Eye color: green-brown

Nationality: canadian

Favorite Fruit: mango!!!!

Favorite Season: spring i guess?? like ive said this before but when the snow all melts and it goes above zero for the first time in months and everyones walking around in their t shirts even though its like 4 degrees out? thats some Good Shit

Favorite Flower: roses

Favorite Scent: cookies

Favorite Color: yellow-green, the way jonas bjerre’s voice looks

Favorite Animal: axolotls!!! friends

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate definitely

Average amount of sleep: 6-7 hours…

Dog or Cat person: uhhhhh cat

Favorite Fictional Character(s): myself hmm max (an oc)

Number of blankets that you sleep with: 1

Dream Trip: meeting my amazing internet friends and going to a bunch of concerts n going around cities with them n shit

Blog Created: idk when lol

Number of followers: 336!!! 😀

Random fact: idk if this is a random fact about me or something else so uhhh i play ukulele, ive been playing for 5 months, and the first song i ever learned was don’t panic by coldplay

tagging: anyone!! just say i tagged u skjdfnskdfn