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I’m literally gunna cry everyone is so good to me

hey everyone!!! so there’s a couple things I wanted to post about that you probably don’t care about at all! but that’s ok!

so I just recently came out as non binary / genderfluid to my friends and family, and that also includes this blog.

I’m going to be changing my bio but I thought I’d make a post about it so there’s a smoother transition and less confusion.

I would prefer they/them pronouns please! and I’m now going by the name Pax.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask 💙



Imagine Dragons were pretty popular this year. I guess you could say they were radio active. 

I thought this was funny I see how it is

I’m seeing a bunch of pictures from Avi’s teacher’s Instagram of her in Italy and honestly?????? I’m so happy for her????

Before You Start Your Day is also beautiful in the early morning



name a more iconic duo than me and procrastination. go ahead, i’ll wait. 

of course you will




things that 15 year old me did sophomore year that my southern-bred god-fearing conservative christian teachers Did Not Like

  • teacher refused to let me sit backwards in chairs. i made a point to sit backwards in chairs until she told me to stop, and then id manspread as much as possible. (semester one.)
  • teacher got onto my friend and gave her a panic attack over her newly dyed hair. i told her my friend putting red streaks in her hair was no different than her removing the grey streaks from her hair. got sent outside. (semester one)
  • teacher told me my bra strap was showing. took my bra off in class and put it in bag. was sent to principal’s office. mother was called, although she only muffled her laughter over the telephone. (semester two)
  • [to homophobic teacher who disliked my mothers] “what language is gaelic from? gayland?” “that’s where my moms are from, ma’am.”
  • teacher claimed i was lying about moving to uruguay and tried to force me into sitting in a personal meeting about my future classes and goals. told her to “sign me the fuck up for underwater basket weaving” and got sent outside. (semester two)
  • was told by teacher that “ladies should not say they have to pee. try ‘can i use the restroom’ instead” replied with “alright. i gotta piss like a racehorse. can i use the restroom?“ (got sent outside. again. semester two)
  • was told to “smile, you’ll look nicer” by a 6′0″ male coach i did not know. when he blocked my entrance out of the classroom until i smiled for him, i said “shove it straight up your ass,” before elbowing him in the ribcage, ducking under his arm, and running for it. skipped class in that building for a week. (semester two)
  • hopped a fence to catch my bus and flipped off an ancient male history teacher when he shouted at me to come back. he threatened to find me again. he never found me. 

An inspiration.

what a legend


self care is listening to Africa by Toto for 22 hours straight, staring into the void until all your feelings, impulses, muscles, and skin melt away and you are but a pile of bones vibrating along to 80’s synth wave


who else feeling gay as hell on this cold ass friday ass night